Saturday, April 24, 2010

It Takes Two To Tango

Series of communication breakdowns and Penang's hottest season had made me grumpy. I was trying my level best to get adjusted to my new life FAST but some people's complacence and ignorance was really testing my patience. This morning my dad's single mindedness made me raised my voice during breakfast.

To cool off, I dashed to Prangin Mall. Honestly, I was really tired. Couldn't sleep well because of the weather and prior to that, I didn't have a proper rest since I arrived in Penang. Don't forget , just few days in Penang I already had my "assessment" by the BIG BOSS and MEM Besar. Yes, I need an air-conditioned space to chill out and cool off my head. And another Yes, I just need a MIE time.

I recalled my conversation with Emel yesterday. She was having hard time too at her new place. In the past we will visit each other when we really cannot take the stress and pressure. She will come down to KL or me to Kulim or Penang. We will start spending our money like nobody's business shopping to our heart's content. Sigh! Maybe we were no longer the eager beaver in our twenties who were passionate about learning and developing ourselves. If you ask me now, I really want to return to the comfort of my home in KL. Huhuhu.

Sadly, Prangin Mall is not like what it used to be. KOMTAR ... even worse. But the triumphant feelings that I felt being able to locate a well-stock Guardian pharmacy, Giant shopping mall, Parkson and some "important" stores is enough to take the stress away. Best of all, I now know how to get from KOMTAR to the coastal highway hehehe. Which means, now I manage to link Georgetown to Bayan Lepas. Yes ... my dad makes a worse travel agent, that why I never ask him hahaha. Even today, I have broaden my understanding of Burma Road to Pulau Tikus.

BTW, during my first day in my colleagues recommended a very nice restaurant serving Western food in Prangin Mall that I personally think can put Victoria Station or Roadhouse Grill to shame. Seriously! I know this sounded funny but I could feel the chef's love in preparing the food infused in every bite. And the price was very, very reasonable ... Wow, I feel good already!

Oh yes ... again, sorry for the long rambling ... actually I wanted to showcase some of the best duet numbers featured on GLEE thus the title " it takes two to tango". Of course the BEST is still 4 Minutes as featured in my last entry. Other personal favourites are HELLO by Rachel and Jesse St James and DEFYING GRAVITY by Kurt and Rachel. Another nice duet is NO Air by Rachel and Finn.

HELLO (Original song by Lionel Richie)

DEFYING GRAVITY (From the musical Wicked)

NO AIR ( Original by Jordin Spark and Chris Brown)


cyrildason said...

Glee has some of the best duets.. I totally agree with you..

and the state of Komtar.. sad to know that I've heard about how sorry it is nw :-(

Jett said...

There's not much of a difference between a stadium full of cheering fans, and an angry crowd screaming abuse at you - they're both just making a lot of noise. How you take it is up to you. - Sue Sylvester

Qirzah said...

Just a trivia:

Defying Gravity was from the Broadway show WICKED

The actress that played the character (previous season) of the old GLEE member that got everyone high on drugs was played the Good Witch in WICKED (forgot all names).

The actress that played the teacher for Vocal Adrenalin played the Wicked Witch in WICKED.

Did you know that?

rambomadonna said...

Hi Cyril, I guess this is the second or third time you visit my blog? Well, as a sarawakian living and working in Penang, my view is both governments should focus on restoring and improve the dilapidated state of some iconic buildings/structures in Penang like KOMTAR. So much money spend to promote Penang but that would not be good as people will be disappointed with what they see.

Can wait for GLEE casts singing to Lady Gaga numbers!

rambomadonna said...

Jett: What can I say. Despite the fact that sometimes she was potrayed as soooo arrogance and acting the wicked witch of the west ... her lines can be full of WISDOM and WIT hehehe

rambomadonna said...

Qirzah: Yes, Kristin Chenoweth who sang that numbers from Cabaret - Maybe This Time. I didn't know at first but after listening her sang that song and "falling in love" with her singing to ALONE I started to get more info about her.

About the teacher for Vocal Adrenalin ... Idina Mendel, I didn't know too until yesterday when I was looking for Defying Gravity video on YouTube. And when I was checking on future episodes for Glee, I saw her name pop up. Gush, all this info made me head over heels in LOVE with this show.
Thanks Qirzah!

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