Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Changing The Mindset - New Working Culture

I performed my first duty as a hostess to delegation from MOTOUR KL headed by Dato' KSU yesterday. To be honest, when I was in KPKT, since I was the enforcement unit head, I sort of like have this kind of mindset that I have to be firm, either in my decisions or actions so anything that got to do with entertaining or be entertained (work related) was a BIG no-no. Mostly it was because my previous department deal with "bad" developers.

So when I got the call from KL on Monday confirming KSU coming to Penang, I have to admit that I was a bit panic as I had mentioned in my last entry, I haven't got the change to familiarise myself with Penang, MOTOUR and working culture/job scope of the new Pejabat Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia Negeri Pulau Pinang. But I have to say, despite the political difference between the State and Federal Government, OR the differing working culture of the Federal (Ministry) and State Offices (Agencies/Local Authorities) my new office reminded me soooooooo much of my army life in MINDEF. It's all about Esprit de Corp and good networking! Everyone in the office use their networks to ensure KSU's working trip went on smoothly, starting from his arrival at the airport.

I did a number of entertaining duties during my brief stint in the Intelligence Corp. (RISIK) Especially as the liason officer to foreign delegations as my communication English is good. Plus, as RISIK has the most female officers and very active in BAKAT (military equivalent to PUSPANITA) the senior lady officers would task us with the itineraries. Almost every month we will have BAKAT activities. Paling I tak boleh lupa was being ask to organise SEMINAR ON HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY. Hahaha ... I didn't know what was it all about ... so naive pulak masa tu. Rupa-rupanya it has something do with MENOPAUSE hehehehe. Paham-paham jer lah, we had quite a number of "senior" officers and other ranks that time.

But of course, being in the military organisation. RANK does matter. We must give our seniors the upmost respect. Till now I a bit takut when I saw a person wearing a MOON crest and Stars on the apolet. Protocol and discipline must be observed at the highest level. Despite that, when dealing with inter-corp or inter-regimental, I noticed all red tapes and protocols were put aside. Like that day masa Nijah kahwin, it was officers from Kem Lok Kawi who did the sword barrel. None of them we ever met.

Anyway, after talking to KSU yesterday, I guess whatever dilemma that we face here are also face and felt there in HQ, even at his level. Nonetheless, I may just treat this "recession" as an opportunity to be creative. Like during my Marketing days in FTMS Kuching. Try to build miracles from a penny ... Focus on product development and rebranding. No point spending millions marketing a products that don't work. Next, looking at the World Wide Web as marketing tools. We are leaving in a borderless world after all.

Third, I may consider improving my academic knowledge on certain issues. Too many people claimed to be an expert in something lately. Though to some extend I tried to be diplomatic or exert certain level of trust about it, my heart sense opportunists. Thought that trend only limited to KL. Apparently, the same trend is penetrating Penang.

Sorry for my rambling ... can't help though! Syu is not here in Penang for our usual "b*tching" sessions at San Francisco Coffee.


norzah said...

Your rambling contains a lot of reflective thoughts and
experiential recall to help dissipate current uncertainties and self-doubt. Hence I've no doubt that you can handle the situation. come what may. Just ease up a bit, and remember that public relations and promotion of tourism activities are your main cup of tea or coffee. Add enough sugar and milk, stir it well and serve. You'll get them eating out of your hand soon, J. Trust me.

rambomadonna said...

Well norzah, I don't like feeling hopeless or not in control of a situation where I am held responsible. And within 4 days in penang my credibility as a leader is being tested first by ksu and today by minister. My four days working experience is being tested against an issue that need at least 2 year tourism experience.


norzah said...

When you can identify the problem you can surely find a solution or a way to manage it. As a professor of mine said, some problems cannot be solved; they can only be managed. That's one approach. The other is to cut the Gordian knot. You can slice it or take two ends together and tie another knot which neutralizes all the others.Hehehe, as usual easier said than done. With 8 yrs of human relations experience, you can certainly do it, girl, sorry, Cik Director.

SeMiN said...

Rambo... pause for a while ..get down to chowrasta n enjoy a glass of kelapa muda campur and cucur udang panas...muaaahhhh! :-))

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