Monday, April 19, 2010

I Come, I See ... err Can I Conquer???

Best morning view from my office.

Today is officially my second day at my new workplace and I am proud to announce a few personal achievements.

My new office, void of all files.

1. I drove Froggie for the first time to work, and managed not to get confused by Macallister Road and Burma Road. There was a hiccup though at Prangin Mall car park when I accidentally drove to the Season Parking gate. Luckily plate number W, and the car behind me was also a W plate. So we sama-sama S**AI lah today.

2. I signed a total of 7 official letters as Pengarah, Pejabat Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia Negeri Pulau Pinang (in BOLD) complete with a BOLD new stroke based on Feng Shui principles. However as usual, "few trees were chopped down" as the drafted letters did not meet my Bahasa Penulisan standard. Hellooo ... I must make Cikgu Bhaluddin and Cikgu Monet proud of me.

3. I overcome about 30% of my flying phobia. Got stuck in the lift for 30 minutes when the lift went to an abrupt stop at Level 31. It was quite a scary moment for 8 of us who were stuck in the lift. All I could think off that time was ... what if the lift suddenly fell all the way down. Gulp! Suddenly I remembered Norzah words of wisdom in Langkawi when he was told by Hatifah of my panic attack when our plane hit air pocket. "There is nothing to fear as our Fate is already being determined and written. Accident can happen everywhere" ... (well sort of like that lah). Anyway, I also made new friends in the lift especially that Indian guy who has that very classical Indian ring tone that made everyone giggled. Blue lift H8 is now officially BLACKLISTED!

I left my Feng Shui compass in KL. Wonder if facing the seaview is my best direction?

4. I organised my first KSU site visit and meeting in Penang. So depressing at first as the info was only confirmed by HQ this morning at 10.00 am and the event is tomorrow plus I am still not very familiar with some places in Penang. Furthermore, my KSU also want to see the proposed building for our new office. Luckily I have a very capable COS 41 and she did the survey few days ago..

5. I read the STAR paper today and I saw a press statement by my former TOP boss about amendment to be made to the Uniform Building By-Laws. Exactly just like our team 's proposed initiative in the Property Development Lab report - word by word. I know because I was the one writing it! GO Team Building ...

However, the other report about Federal Government budget last year to promote Penang was only RM 500K made me quite uneasy ... seems that there is a MOLE in my organisation. Hmm ... I wish I could share what had happened last Saturday and the panic call from HQ just 30 minutes later. Made me want to contact my friends in 2 Batallion and rejoin WATANIAH regiment here.


norzah said...

What a nice and spacious office with a panaromic view!
Once inside the office m sure the little misadventures along the way would be forgotten.
But do be careful with the info released through your blog, about office stuff. Someone might be keeping a tag on what u write- the tik on the tag is as bad as the much of the mole! Conquer yourself and m sure u can conquer everything else, hehehe.

SeMiN said...

yup mmg chantek.... membuatkan i tringat opis i dolok.... Oh ya... n my friendly reminder..esp ttg bab2 kejer tuh..hati2 Rambo... 'this is not the place 4 u to tell everything'...(u might disagree wif me la kan)hehehe...

Abet said...

zEN, I agree with your friends above that you should be careful with your words starting today onwards... ont thing you can do is to limit the reader by putting passwords.. anyway, your room is too dull! put more colors on it.. hehehe

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Apa yg aku mau komen dah dikomen. uikkssss...sempat lagi tu bergmbr2 ms stuck dlm lif...:)

rambomadonna said...

Dear all, thanks for your concern and yes, currently things are tough and complicated. Despite the kegeraman on some people unethical act to innocent party,I at my very best minimise office info release on this blog. Like about the tourism budget report, it was already in the star paper yesterday. Tats why I did not elaborate.The theme of this blog is Mie so office info is not Mie.

norzah said...

Bak kata org sekarang, "Dah tau takpe". Lagi pun, J, hal-hal ofis tu kadangkala boring juga kan? Elok fokus on social and xtrcurricularactivities, especially yg panas-panas tu, hehehe, macam laksa Penang panas, nasi kandar panas, roti canai panas pun ok.
Whatever it is, keep the smile on. Ia boleh mengneutralize or camo gelora dilautan hati, sambil menambah keayuan wajah.

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