Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Heart Must Go On

This year some people that I truly love and care about had gone to be with The Lord, but none of these passings had such traumatic effects on me like Well's sudden and unexpected demise. As I was in my mourning state, I recalled this words of wisdom on Datin Tiara's blog ... "DANCE as though no one is watching you. LOVE as though you've never been hurt before. SING as though no one can hear you. And though Heaven is on Earth."

Live ... as though Heaven is on Earth ... hmmm ... cantiknya ayat nie. I remember as I was talking to Well's friends and families in the hospital, they all said good things about him. Even my last known living memory of Well I could conclude him as a great man and friend. Hmmm ... as for me ... belum tentu lepas the 7 Deadly Sins (yang first- glutonny pun dah tak lepas). A clear direct access to Hell! OMG.

But if we really think about it... that is if you are not sure that you got yourself a place in Heaven, why not live as though Heaven is on Earth. Start counting our blessings, not our problems, set aside some time to Day Dream and believe that you are born for GREATNESS ... hahaha. Nonetheless I am thankful that I still live to enjoy this life, make it more meaningful or live to tell you my stories.

Trip to KK (23 Oct - 27 Oct 2009)
"Embrace Each Moment With Enthusiasm"

I have always regarded Kota Kinabalu as my fourth home (after Kuching, Penang and Kuala Lumpur). I should be as I spent 5 years exploring and discovering my "womanhood" there huhuhu. There were time, especially when I was so stressed out, that I felt like boarding a flight and go hiking at the foot of Mount Kinabalu or snorkelling at Manukan Island in that "itsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini".

I did that when I was a student in UMS. There was a cheap room and boarding about few kilometres from Kinabalu National Park (RM 10.00 a night for room without heater). I remember going there with Geh Wyn, Kar Yew and Arthur during exam week. That very night Geh Wyn had stomach upset and went to the loo to do his business. By the time he got back, he told us that his rear end was all numb from coldness ... (but that time my mind was wondering on something else that might went numb too). So kesian hooo.. we were too "poor" to get ourselves room with heater.

Oh yea, back on the trip. After the wedding, I extended my stay until the 27th Oct (Tuesday) for photo taking sessions, a makeover (body, mind and soul) and of course, jalan-jalan cari makan (cheap and fresh seafood).

The photographer in action...

The models ... the one on the most right still admiring self taken pictures of her eyes. Sudahlah Suna ... memang ndak nampak bah matamu tu.

Iklan Tahun Melawat Sabah ...

Datanglah ke Sutera Harbour Resort ... anda akan dilayan dengan "baik" oleh life guard ini.

Years ago ... nobody appreciate the view here except for me and Suna over a brunch at Wisma Merdeka. Nah got waterfront somemore.

I still don't get the meaning of the fish statues.

That night we had dinner at Kampung Air ... look at all these fresh seafood!

I tried Mantis Prawn in Penang few months back and was told that it's hard to get the "big" ones in Peninsular Malaysia. So when I saw this in the aquarium ... ooo la laa...

I never miss Oyster Omellete whenever I am in Penang. But nothing can compare with this Kampung Air Oyster Omellette ... heaven!

If I craved for soft shell crabs, I normally go to Japanese restaurant. But here ... the crabs are freshly catch and fried for you!

The flesh of the steam garoupa ... ooo heaven. In KK, jangan lah beli sea bass ... keluarkan lah duit makan garoupa, red snapper or kalau nak lagi kelass... big white promfret!

More stories on my trip to KK I will feature in my next entry ... KK Jalan Terus! Hmm harus cerita pasal Auntie Lisa.

Cuci The Musical@Istana Budaya (31 Oct 2009)
"Appreciate And Support More Art"

At first I was not really enthusiastic about this musical as most of the casts are not penggiat teater. I guess that's what most people think too when Datin Seri Tiara decided to staged Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical. Unlike Cuci The Musical, at least I had good feelings about Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical and even sort of like imagining and visualising the score, the plot and the magical moments months before watching it live on stage. Nonetheless, for its maiden debut, Cuci the Musical is entertaining, exceeding my expectation and worth my every Ringgit.

I might be quite "bias" in my judgement by comparing Cuci the Musical with international production like Mamma Mia and the sold-out Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical. Quite honestly for I had the chance to watch all three musicals ... I think Cuci The Musical can be better than Mamma Mia without that some "dragging" ad libs .. more witty and humorous punch lines like ... "Jojo 1-4-3" , "Pisang Jojo jugak yang sedap" or "it's a joke, it's a joke" and of course ... that fantastic solo performance by Adibah Nor ... (OMG!) ... I so love the chemistry between Awie and Adibah Noor. Seriously, Mamma Mia's props assemble and storyline was not as grand and magical like Puteri Gunung Ledang but sometimes what a good musical needs are creative storyline, witty punchlines, catchy numbers, practical stage props and some DOT DOT DOT lines(geddit?)

Me and Jett had a very "intellectual" conversation that night. With the growing number of good local musical productions plus a good venue to hold it, perhaps big companies should consider sponsoring or investing in our local talents and support our performing arts scenes. If Indonesia can be proud of their local bands, Thailand with their internationally acclaimed movies, and the Philipines with their vocallists ... perhaps Malaysians should rival in the form of performing arts - musicals, theaters, dance performances?

It will not only create hope and opportunities for our local talents but also for future generations. You see, not many people are born with excellent academic ability. Some are visual learners, some are listening learners, some are emotional/touch learner. Unfortunately in Malaysia, most parents see performing arts or any form arts as not a suitable platform or basis for a bright future. So like the HSBC ad, the child had to suffer in silence pleasing their parents who support their education. Oh yes ... there was a point in my life I wanted to be like my idol Sudirman or Anita Sarawak (excuse me, we have the same full lips) ... singing to a LIVE band on "Tragedi Buah Epal". But my mum said,"Mun sik mauk sekolah tinggi jadi doktor, kawin jak kau". Hehehe ... my mum didn't say that. Else lama sudah I elope to Lombok.

Looking at Adibah Nor, perhaps I might have a chance. Boleh jugak berkenalan dengan Hans Issacc hehhe.

Thanks Jett, luckily in the end we all went to see juak that musical. Yalah, never judge a day by its weather right?

Trip To Kuching (6 Nov -8 Nov 2009)
"Make At Least One Person Happy"

I knew I made one person the happiest! Kazen sanggup picked me from the airport in these bare essentials. Just for the Burger King's Mushroom Swiss Burgers.


Abet said...

... perhaps Malaysians should rival in the form of performing arts - musicals, theaters, dance performances?
=> mun ada let's go to the audition. Ne tauk ada jumpa holiwood star??

BTW, yarabi... u put my pics sia kazen?? atleastlah youphotoedit put some muscles at those big arms.. hehehhee. TQ for the Burger King!!

rambomadonna said...

Zen, ko sik nampak kah aku edit the "ab" region? The 6 packs? Mun sik nampak, sik lamak lah ya ... oopss tabik Tapa! BTW, apa kata ngko engkah "tatoo" rimau sia .. baru nampak ganas sikit.

Oh yes, we should. Walaupun setakat Pak Pacak jak. If ko nangga iklan TM Net nok adibah Nor madah ish ish ish ya ... member aku nok berlakon jadi Pembantu rumah ya. Nya madah nya polah free lancing ... rasa mauk ikut jak nya jadi model iklan kelak hehehe

The burger king don't mention it.

norzah said...

Yep, a neat roundup of ur KK visit and Cuci overview, with a lot of ooops. OMGs, huhus and dotdotdots ( u knowlah). On the reflection of life and death, u certainly can live as though heaven is on earth but I don't want to kid myself. Too many sad, pathetic, dreadful and horrible things happening here to pretend that it's heaven. There're, of course, occasional havens, momentary bliss, breath-taking exultations. But I'm not sure whether they're worldly or a matter of the soul being lighted up by the luminary of heaven.

In any case the performing arts have a better chance to become popular now with presentations like PGL, P, Ramlee the Musical, Cuci etc. I share ur wonderment with Adibah Noor's performance, proof positive that a massive frame is no hindrance to excellent delivery. ( And that a pencant for good food is no sin, haha). Enough for now.

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Hahaha..KK jln terus..Skrg kita dah tak main lagi naik bas mini berhimpit2...Maklumlah dulu bergantg dgn duit biasiswa dan FAMA(Father/Mother). Lagipun, semua blum ada lesen. Tp, sehingga ke hr ni, masih ada sorg yg belum ada lesen. Budak kecik kat KB pun boleh bw kancil, si 'kawan?'. Hrp2 dia bc entri dan komen ni. Hr tu, aku buat 1-hour full body massage + facial sbb tanak kurang dgn org2 yg dpt sentuhan auntie Lisa. Hahaha

rambomadonna said...

NOrzah, if you happen to attend a fucntion at Le Meridien or Hilton KL Sentral try to access the two buildings from the car park. I am not sure which access to which building is blue or red but everytime I go there I love to pretend to enter via the blue access ... mcm go to heaven. The red one, betul2 mcm highway to hell.

BTW,penchant for good food that give me that V&C body maaa ...

rambomadonna said...

Jangan Sue elaa ... bila kita nasihatkan dia ambik lesen hari tu pun sudah naik hypertension dia. Memang ditakdirkan Suna kena cari yang Dato'-Dato', Tan Sri2 yang ada drebar gitew.

Harap dipermudahkan jodohnya dengan Dato'-Dato' yang muda dan "berdrebar" dengan sentuhan Auntie Lisa.

norzah said...

Pagi minggu ni aku baca entry u yg panjang tu semuladgn lagu itsy teeny weeny polka dot tu dlm kepala. Hehehe. Kalau dgn palm trees melambai, pantai putih perak dan emas, langit biru lazuardi memang macam heaven.
Tapi tetap 'macam' saja. Mem tempat tu tak ada yg gemuk atau kurus, tak ada yg tua. Semua jelita dan dara sokmo...huhuhu. Ada pelakun Holywood kata ia tak suka kesitu, tak dapat jumpa Marylyn Monroe, Za za Gabor dll. Aku nak tengok pintu biru dan merah yg u katakankan tu nanti.
Camne citer mistik yg u katakan tu. Dimana dan bila boleh dengar?

rambomadonna said...

Aduh, dgn ukuran badan "supermodel" I sekarang, pakai that itsy teeny weeny polka dot bikini hanya akan mengundang padah hehehe

Nanti2 lah ... tak boleh distory dulu ... biar isu ini reda.

suna said...

sowwi geng! baru balik dari Semporna, hampir seminggu outstationed di sana.. hmmm,patutlah aku batuk truk sampai hilang suara.. rupanya aku dikutuk di sini.

BTW, waktu baru masuk daerah Semporna, aku nampak a way, dua2 punya salah, double cab n satu motor..tapi, melihat perempuan tuh terbaring di jalan raya buat aku menangis.

Waktu balik Semporna, aku nampak bangkai anjing tiada kepala di jalan raya...

Camana kalau aku memandu dan terbunuh sesuatu? ...

rambomadonna said...

Suna, banyak sudah katak yang menjadi mangsa si Froggie. Tapi namapun mati katak kan.

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