Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Last Sunday, I got a call from my dad, reminded me to come for the Powerlifting event of 5th ASEAN PARA Games, held at the Putra Stadium Bukit Jalil. Honestly, any form of physical activities or sports are no longer my cup of tea for the last 10 years. As I had mentioned, few times in this blog, that of late I have been exploring the creative and artistic side of me - be it in the form of performing arts, creative writings and photography. Bak kata Cik Ida ..."very the cultured gitew"

Tapi demi menjaga hati ayahanda "terchenta", terpaksalah gagahkan diri bawak kete ke Bukit Jalil. Sebenarnya I nak spent my Sunday to do some study on photography- like the theories, terms and exploring my DSLR kit lense as advised by my ex-uni mate few nights before. He uploaded some mind blowing photos taken on his macro lens on Facebook. Plus I belum decide on my subjects or whether I want to master in landscapes, potraits, events or macro.

Anyway, I menyesal tak bawak my DSLR camera as I thought that it would not be that interesting. Furthermore, I just dropped by to see my dad at work. Luckily I brought my IX's with me so dapatlah juga snapped some great pics and recorded some clips. Plus, I met our former First Lady at the arena ... in real life she's a very elegant woman! So time prize giving tu, nak jugak menyibuk kat depan dengan reporters around the globe with DSLRs yang canggih2 walaupun hanya berbekalkan dengan kamera compact semata2 nak ambik gambar Datin Seri Jean Abdullah.

Later, when the event was over, my dad introduced me to all his friends - most of whom I know since small - and chatted with some of the participants. I noticed that most of the winners are from countries like Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. Dad said participants from these countries trained hard to be here unlike our Malaysian lifters. I had to say that their strength were astounding. Do you know that they could lift up to 4 times their body weight? I nak angkat groceries yang 2-3 kg tu pun dah macam tak larat hehehe.

Balik tu cepat-cepat i edit the clips ... mana tau one day I boleh ganti Yasmin Ahmad.


Si Yoyop Bah... said...

kagum dgn peserta paralimpik ni. Yelah, bak kata Jeanne Abdullah dlm MHI tempoh hari, kita lebih sempurna dr segi fizikal tp tak dpt buat mcm dorang. Tp akak tak lah smpai tak larat angkat groceries 2-3 kg. Ahakss

rambomadonna said...

Hahaha ... akak kan duduk kat penthouse. Jarak dari kete ke rumah memerlukan perjalanan yang agak jauh berbanding parking jer kat porch and angkat sikit2 bawak masuk ke rumah.

norzah said...

Commendable coverage, J. Adding some background music could bring up the excitement plus cutaways showing spectators' reaction. But u r written commentary never fails to bring out amused chuckles and smiles. So your dad is a weightlifting enthusiast?
Watch out guys! BTW Tun Jeanne lamented the lack of support for the Paralympic Games. Maybe u can stir up some interests to help your dad and the Games.

SeMiN said...

ko patut... join penganjur la rambo...sekurangjnyer jd jurufoto hehehe!

rambomadonna said...

NOrzah ... while doing editting for the clips, the theme was to make it look like a news coverage ... with some amusing comments of course ... but I agree with u that I should include cutaways showing spectators reaction. I will take note in my future "news theme" video.

Actually I am a certified weightlifting referee hehehe ... don't ask me how and why hahaha! And weightlifting and military are kind of a 3 generation pass down. Now all I need to do is "procreate" to pass down that gene pulak huhuhu

Dad is a International Class 1 referee for weightlifting. He has traveled around the globe because of weightlifting ... unlike the daughter.

Errr .... nanti la I feature in my next entry about the PARA Games.

Semin: Yes, I think so lah ...hahaha. Actually, the organisers did ask me to join as the need more female officials. Tapi ... jiwaku ke arah lain lah sekarang nie.

Abet said...

I'm currently right ear deaf. What game can i compete in?

rambomadonna said...

Kazen, acara gimnastik berirama gaya bebas... since you can't hear the music anyway hahaha

emel said...

Dibit, i think u shud join the paralympicgame. Jaime, wat say u?..

rambomadonna said...

Setuju sekali ... as a gymnast!

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