Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mie & Froggie Trip To Kulim (The Story of Why and How It Happened)

I took leave from Friday to Monday to observe Good Friday to mark the end of the fasting month of Lent and then Easter celebration. In Christianity, this is actually the most important occasion, not Christmas. But maybe due to its more religious significance, it is normally celebrated in simplicity compared to Christmas.

Initially I wanted to join my mum, Joan, Jason and Jayne in Sibu for the occasion but after being kept busy by the Task Force working group, compiling reports on unlicensed development and an email from JPA on my application for Masters interview on the 20th ( for which I haven't done anything yet) so I decided to spent the holiday reorganising my thoughts and have a good rest. Furthermore next week my boss will be leaving for his PTK course so I have to take over some of his works...

Come that Good Friday morning, Sukumaran, the project manager for a nearly abandoned project which the Ministry and his company are currently co-rehabilitating, called me reminding me of my final visit before CFO application to DBKL. Gosh, I almost forgotten about that. Then Emel also called me about my plan to Kulim and our Akademi Fantasia Concert plan next week. Another gosh! Forgot about that too. Then Jagdish from Maybank called, confirming our talk plan on Monday. Gosh! Gosh! Gosh!

If you ask me ... I don't like this Task Force things coz though it's other departments works but these other departments officers with start interrupting me for inputs or opinions or favours or involvements. Then after last meeting with Tan Sri KSN now I have to urusetia pulak one of the working groups (extra works ma!). Earlier, I issued a total of 90 compounds to developers and from morning till petang I always received a visit from unwanted visitors though I already told them just write an appeal letter. Plus two of my co-rehab nearly abandoned projects also nearly completed which I need to visit before conducting meeting with all the authorities for fast-track CFO approval. Eeeeeeeeeeeee ........ I really want to cry in frustration now.

Since Sukumaran is also a Christian, and he also had to sacrifice his Good Friday for this project I decided to meet him at the site with Wani (my accountant) and Anisha (my QS). Yalah ... maybe this sacrifice was peanut compared to Jesus Christ death on the cross (ni lah sebab kitaorang sambut Good Friday). Unlike Suku who turn vegetarian on that day, I decided to fast. BTW Wani and Anisha (both have private practice before) awal2 I grabbed to work with me sebelum minda mereka corrupted by certain government mentality. Touchwood mudah-mudahan if everything OK we will hand over the houses to purchasers 2 weeks earlier than scheduled.

Reaching home after the site visit, I started to settle other works like making calls to En Nik, En Mad and giving instructions to my stuff for Monday Talk with Maybank and final arrangement for working group 2 and 3 meeting on Thursday.Which left my Masters proposal writing and AF Concert ticket reservation. Tiba2 I felt I wanted to get out from KL. Plus I promised Emel last week to visit her today ...

That's how I ended packing up my bags,reloaded my Touch and Go card and filled Froggie with fuel and checked her tyre pressures. Our destination ... Kulim. Lagipun, Froggie pun dah jadi malas macam her "mummy". Asyik2 Klang Valley jer... To be honest, I didn't know how to get to Kulim but I think that was the thrill. The weather was fine from KL to Tanjung Malim but after that, it was raining heavily in certain areas. I only called Emel once I reached Ipoh and asked for direction from Juru.

Then Emel asked "Why do you want to go to Kulim from Juru? Jalan jauh ya .. kena pusing balit" So I said, "Isn't Kulim after Butterworth ke?" Emel's response "No lah! Ko ikut exit Bandar Baharu lekak exit Bukit Merah. After Butterworth is jalan to Sungai Petani or Alor Star lah". Hahaha ... nampak sangat fail subjek Geografi.

Reaching Kulim, the first thing Emel said was ... " Sampe juak Froggie di Kulim". Hehehe ... most of my friends are fond of Froggie walaupun taklah sehebat Emel's Goldie Vios or Sara's Red Devil Gen-2 atau Olpic's Sparkiling Diamond. So that evening, to celebrate my kejayaan sampai di Kulim ... we eat our heart out at Pantai Bersih makan udang lipan .... yummmm ....


SeMiN said...

Rambo hepi easter! and hope u'll succeed in ur HLP interview!

Olpicture said...

Hey! Sparkling Diamond disebut! dia sakit sekarang, merajuk sebab i sondol dia dan abandoned dia selama 2 minggu, jadi selalu buat perangai... silap tak schedule for service hari ni

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