Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dining In @ Mie Casa (Yo! Sushi Inspired)

Few months ago myself and Emel had a snack at Yo Sushi @ Midvalley. I immediately fell in love with the funky, groovy interior and selections of authentic Japanese ala carte menu and sushis on the kaiten belt. So refreshing ... Since we were just snacking, we didn't order much. However, I was truly, madly deeply love with this tuna sashimi salad. An excellent fusion of Italian style salad (in balsamic vinegar dressing) and lightly seared tuna sashimi.

Since that day I had on and off craving for the fusion salad. The problem is I don't like to dine there alone and most of my friends don't like raw Japanese food. Sometimes we also need a friend to do certain things like trying out new eating places or embark on a new adventure or exchange ideas right?

So when Emel suprised me with her visit yesterday, I felt a surge of new hope ... I felt liberated somehow (literally and gastronomically). But her visit this time was brief so no chance to dine again at Yo! Sushi. Suddenly it strike me ... why not make the salad myself.

This morning, feeling reenergise after sending Emel off at Sunway Convention Centre I hunted all over Plaza Damas and Mid Valley Cold Storage for all the freshest and organic wet items I could find. So people, this is my version of Mix Garden Salad with Grilled Squid, Scallop, Mushroom Franfurtter and Teppanyaki beef in Balsamic Vinegar Dressing.

Bestnyer, I get another suprise visit from Nijah and her fiancee right after finish garnishing the salad. Great food best enjoyed with great company right?

p/s Pardon the presentation K?

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