Sunday, February 8, 2009

Law of Attraction

I bought this bestselling book by Michael J. Losier on Christmas 2007 with the intention of understanding more about "the science of attracting more of what you want and less of what you don't". Hehehe ... yea I may just as well cut the crap ... the actual intentions were attracting ideal mate and increasing wealth and abundance.

The funny thing is after reading few chapters of these book after buying it I felt nothing great about the book. No offence Mr. Losier. Until few incidents recently. I noticed that if a name suddenly flashed into my mind it was either something bad gonna happen or something unexpected. Most of the time i experience this with purchasers whom I have met but never heard of for a long time, or friends or social acquiantance whom I have not met for a very long time.

On certain occasions, I can sense bad vibes/energy surrounding a room (especially in the office) few months before an event that make me very cautious and lay-low. I think you all still remember my condolences entry to Adelina Awen Jon? Her name keep on ringing on my mind although I couldn't remember who she was, how we met or where she was. Then I saw her name on Harian Metro about her beautiful son died of suffocation in a Putrajaya nursery.

Last Friday, I was experiencing this Law of Attraction again when out of the blue another old schoolmate name flashed in my mind. I was in Setiawangsa picking up an order for my friend. Then last night at about 11.45 pm, I saw she changed her status on FB mobile every 3 minutes and she sounded as if she was in danger. I sent her messages on FB as I was truly concerned. She might be anywhere man! It turn out she was having marital problems and experiencing domestic violence which lasted about 30 minutes. Sorry at that point of time I don't dare to be the hero extending unwanted help. Nanti macam melepaskan a trapped bitch pulak ... kan?

To my relief, she was grateful of my gestures and both her and her daughter are OK. Gosh, I was truly freaked out! I think she was suprised too.. of all the people that she sent her messages to via FB, I was among the first to response. Of course I told her what had happened 2 days ago and guess wat, I think I got myself a new friend ...

P/S : FB=Facebook ... for those yang tak tau laa (duhhh???). Wonder why the Law doesn't work on attracting potential soul mates ha? Or that man is right in front of my nose but don't realise it ?? Kena khatam baca buku nie ... hehehe


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