Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1Malaysia Parks and Gardens Carnival and 1Malaysia Harvest Festival 2011

Actually I was really really busy these past few days as I have little time left to prepare for the 1Malaysia Parks and Gardens Carnival at Penang Botanic Gardens on 11th and 12th June 2011. But this is still OK compared to 1Malaysia Green and Clean launching at Penang state level last year. I had to organise it within 7 days ... after "mentertawakan" Nel (Sabah Director) who first got the "heart attacking news". Suddenly I found myself the one to launch the event in Penang whereas Nel had to appease the community leaders for the change of plans. It is really not easy to be State Directors.

Anyway, I took up any jobs "thrown" to me with an open mind and heart. As a civil servant, I have a secure job and steady income whereas there are many people out there struggling to make end meets so events such as these are their chances to get jobs or make some income... This statement may be a bit subjective as many head of departments, whether in private or public sectors, still practice the "10% culture".

However, I have to be honest that for this event, I had to organise it with "tears in my heart" as I will again miss the Gawai celebration. For the Chinese just visualise yourself had to work during Chinese New Year and the Malay, missing the Eid-Mubarak .... last year I couldn't celebrate Gawai because I just moved to Penang and running out of cash because of delay in travelling claim payment.

And to be honest, I also didn't intend to blog tonight. However after listening to Sayonara Hari Gawai (on Jethro Henry Adam recommendation) ... especially to Jenny Tan's vibrato ... suddenly I find myself started singing and speaking in Iban hahahahah (when Hokkien took me like forever!) and into the festive mood! I called everyone in Kuching ... my mom, my sisters, my godmother, my GINAAAAAA (when we started calling each other "sibuk") and everyone seems to be cooking Itik Pak Lor (5 Spice Duck). Seriously ... I miss home! I miss Gina the most.

So here is my Gawai song for year 2011 .. And don't forget to read my last year's entry for Gawai as well. Just to help you to get into the Gawai mood. Happy Gawai Dayak everyone ... harap ka bala nuan, gerai nyamai lantang senang ... and yon bara madis, dingan ... doh kambot ku mun ngan man Pak Lor hehehe


norzah said...

Read this entry with a heavy heart, J, for i know how it feels to miss a Hariraya because of work. I once spent a hariraya in Alma Atta, Russia, attending a seminar. We just celebrated it with bread and sour milk - didn't know what to order for food. But, good work brings its own satisfaction. Enjoy it in the spirit of Gawai. We love you.

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