Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Selamat Ngintu Ari Gawai 2010

To all my Dayak friends, family and relatives ... selamat ari gawai (Iban) and seramat andu gawai (Bidayuh). Although we import rice from Vietnam or Thailand nowadays ... I think it is still relevant to wish everyone "a bountiful harvest" that will last for many generations to come.

These past few years, I seldom celebrate Gawai. Less appealing compared to my teenage years. That time .... Gawai was "THE" festive season to look forward to. BTW, my brother, Jason, sent me these photos via MMS.

"Terkejut" I saw my little Gina has grown fatter. Last time I saw her was during CNY. Dunno what they have been feeding her with. As usual, she is a very BAD poser. I am sure she was doing her trademark "porky face" to Jason.

She is very close to my mum and love babies as shown in the picture above. "Sibuk" jak follow her Grandma visiting the latest addition to the family ... Broery's daughter. I called her just now and she complained that she didn't have new dress for Gawai, when in fact my sister Joan bought a gown for her. Only that she wore it for Jason's engagement yesterday. Hehehe

Gawai won't be meaningful and "rami" (meriah/exciting) without a catchy Gawai song. So I searched for Mike Rantai song entitle Nyaboh (La La Hey) on YouTube but found his other song Sonia instead. Frust nyer. So I remembered Jethro posted the link for Joget Gawai Dayak (Iban song) on FB.

And of course another of my favourite Iban songs for Gawai ...

As for Bidayuh songs ... I think the Serian or Bukar-Sadong dialect songs are catchy. I don't really understand the dialect (just like a Hokkien doesn't understand Cantonese or Tamil to a Telegu) but I love the diction, or pronunciation of the words while singing. Just like I love an Indonesian Malay singing to a Malay song. Last year I featured the song Kampung Love by Acid Rain. This year it's Geram Si Maih by Sniper. Also a great Gawai song.

As I was looking for more Gawai songs just to create the festive mood, I stumbled upon a video clip of an old friend in school, Brother Lembat or nama glamer Embat Lala. I knew from friends that he has became an Iban artist but dunno how "feymes". Coincidently we chatted and caught up on each other through FB yesterday. Bro Lembat ... numpang glamer nuan semadi hari Gawai tok OK hehehe

Fuhh ... I checked on YouTube and banyak peminat nampak Bro Lembat. But my personal favourite ... lagu Mali. Sesuai with your voice.


norzah said...

Very, very entertaining and menimbulkan suasana gawai, J. I've never really partaken in a gawai celebration though I've visited the longhouse a number of times before. You've through your selection of songs and dances revived my memories, better than what RTM had done when I was working there. Thanks so much. I tak puas tengok sekali and will replay those songs you selected time and time again for sure.

Misz J said...

Jaime, you should try lagu Mr Sanuh and Bunga Kupuo..catchy especially the wee wee weet part

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Biar Bekikis Bulu Betis: I like the title of the song. Haha..
Tak pernah sambut gawai, dan tak pernah masuk rumah panjang. tgk je dr luar masa otw nak explore gua2 Mulu. Bila la Pn. Pengarah nak ngajak ni?. Hihi

Jett said...

this is NOT fair! I demanded for Jenny Tan's song! sigat amat sigat, gamal nuan amat sigaaaaaattttt....

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: Gawai celebration in longhouse and certain Bidayuh kampung like Kpg Semadang and Bunuk in Kuching memang meriah. Sometimes the OTAI organised Konsert Pop Yeh Yeh whereas the younger genrations did the head banging. Joget lambak ala Dayak memang a must. That's why Gawai songs more to Joget songs.

rambomadonna said...

Misz J: Udah ku check lagu Mr Sanuh (Mr So and So) ... sik menikam sukma. Lagu bunga kupuo (Bunga Kampung) belum ku nangga the video. Ya lah I kan watched Glee video jak.

rambomadonna said...

Yoyop: Antara lagu "pebret" tu. Best kan lagu dia. I dua tiga menjak takdak mood Gawai. Tgk next year. Nijah pun nak jugak gi ke Sarawak tgk Gawai.

rambomadonna said...

Jett: Ada ku carik lagu Jenny Tan ... apuuuuuu ya mpu vibrato alah si Pavarotti (her vibrato mengalahkan Pavarotti. Only u yang boleh menerima lagu2 Jenny Tan tok.

norzah said...

Biar berkikis bulu betis tu juga paberet i, cukup ekpresifgambarannya, Nasib baik bulu betis je.....bukan bulu... alis, hehehe.

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