Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moving On ... Forward.

I chaired a few meetings this week and I kept on saying this, "I don't want to look into the past and move backward ... it's time we move on and look forward". Of course, members of the meeting do not know that I meant it in every sense! Personal life, career, family and of course in dealing with house buyers problems.

Many things happened before and during the holidays that forced me to think and reset the direction of my life. I hate living my life in limbo, full of uncertainties (and eventually got lost) for it is actually very exhausting to my body, mind and soul. Like not knowing where to settle down, when to settle down or what is "settle down". Hello, settling down is not all about getting hitched and making babies hehehe

Like in "someone" case ... getting that "orgasmic" experience "making love in the air" with her "SOLmate".

It's also a waste of money, energy, opportunity and time holding on to someone or something or making decisions revolving around this someone or something that you are not sure of. Madam Heng once told me, "when faced with rejection (in sales) you have to detach it from your emotion straight away... no use holding on to this prospect customer. There are still many big fishes in the sea for you to catch and fry" ... aiyo ... so the very "Pisau Cukur" statement.

Shockingly but surely... I don't like to be a mediator anymore, be it to my parents, to the house buyers and developers, or to the lower and upper management for when they were too consume in their own problems they never thought of the feelings, good intentions and efforts of the middle person. God! Took me 8 years to realise that huhuhu. Well, I was never born a superhero anyway.

Life must go on, i must move on ... forward.

BTW, this entry took me so long to write because I am not sure of some of the grammars so the ending is a bit awkward. Takut kena komen kaw kaw dengan Norzah hehehe


norzah said...

The grammar thing was never aimed at u, J. Ada regular reporter and scribe yg selalu buat same mistake. Anyway, latest entry is in QE, hehehe.

Settling down is not about getting hitched and m..b..Right on, babe. It's about finding the niche in life which satisfies the most. Never the ideal, for sure.
One writer describes motivation as the effort to fill in the Expectation Gap: the difference between Expected Values (Ve) and Achieved Values (Va), (M=Ve-Va) That makes us move on...

You seem to be on that trajectory now. Go on, babe, aim for the Moon (or Mars) and the M factor will push you on. Somewhere along the way Cupid will strike and the H factor ( getting hitched) will set in,huhuhu...

Nimi said...

you make it sounds like those people who decided to settle down by getting hitched and make babies are bunch of losers who does not have other big goals in their life hehe.

anyway, wishing you all the luck and happiness you needed.

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: I know ... but since I have decided to further studies overseas (one day) ... it worth the trouble minimising the grammatical errors in my writings ... for a start.

rambomadonna said...

Nimi: Dont mean it that way actually. It's always that when we talked of settle down, people automatically think "getting married" and making babies.

I am facing a problem deciding whether to settle in in penang or kuching or kl. naturally, sincle I am not married I will follow where my family decide to settle.

my dad wants penang, my mum wants kuching and they keep asking me as the middle person to slow talk each other.

therefore, I decided to set my own direction.

Sorry if you feel offended. But I take it as "hormonal changes". Congrats anyway on the coming arrival.

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Addicted of the 'orgasm' already. 2nite, i'll fly 2 KK again. Huhu.

SeMiN said...

Rambo: my British SV always keep reminding me, "... in writing a thesis, you don't hv to think much 'bout grammatical errors... invest much of time on ideas... it will help you during your viva".... hmm probably bcoz he knows my English is just too bad...huhuhu!

norzah said...
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