Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY 2010 Is All About ...

family and friends ... Some feng shui masters predicted that the year of the Golden Tiger 2010 will be a very tough year as the chart of the year is unbalanced and spells conflict of energies. Most foresee that this year there will be little harmony, with argument,controversies as well as continued occurence of hostility and violence. It also a year when competitive pressures are extremely intense.

Nonetheless history has proven that Tiger years also bring as much good news as bad so though it may be not a forgiving year, it is a year when all hard work and tenacity will pay off. So as long as we work hard we will go through this tough year like a breeze ... Therefore, I decided to reap this year's good luck to my benefit.

Before my Jakarta trip I received a call from Datin Zaitun (MOTOUR) informing me that there is a post in State Tourism in Penang. Later I received a call from Norsiah asking there is also a post in Kuching and asked if I could consider that as well. Of course I felt overwhelmed because "jarang-jarang" sekali lah I received great news sepanjang "Berkhidmat Untuk Negara".

Most of the time ... "Jaime ada orang piket kat bawah pejabat Kementerian... can u handle them?" or "Ada isu perumahan lah kat Parlimen, need to get jawapan hari nie jugak". Itu tak termasuk tindakan beberapa senior officers "tai chi" their works to me behind my back. My top bosses knew about it but they also knew I will never say NO ... which is one of my weaknesses.

Actually my dearest of friends often asked me to find greener pastures. I have to admit I am bit "keras kepala" on that matter. It's a value which that has been instilled and rooted in deep inside me. I will not leave a job because it is stressful or the boss s*cks! Those are common factors and beyond our control. I will only LEAVE once I know what my worth is. So when Miss Wee (JPN statistician) called asking why our prosecution cases in court and compound figures TRIPLE in 2009 compared to previous years ... I knew that was the CALL.

I will go to WAR if I had too. And my mind had set on Penang!

Puvan's birthday dinner with his in-laws family, 2 days before I leave for Kuching.

So this is when friends and family play important roles. I know my transfer will not be smooth sailing but this is the time I show the TIGER side of me. Don't play play!

Jason's father in law to be saying the meal prayer during a dinner to discuss his wedding 2 days after CNY. I jugak kena jadi chef cum photographer.

Our reunion dinner on the eve of CNY with my sister in law to be. The makan besar is simple but orang-orang yang makan memang besar-besar hehehe

I am gonna miss my life in KL ... but deep down in my heart I knew that Penang is opening new doors for me. Though my dad is in Penang, I consider Penang my third home but everytime I am there, I felt like tourist. Checking on fengshui ... Penang is surrounded by water and its the missing element of the year so I will do MUCH MUCH better in Penang compared to KL.

Suddenly I feel so good about it hehehe ...


norzah said...

Hey, I heard about the possibility too. It's always wonderful to move into a new pasture, especially when the old one's getting a bit dreary. New challenges await. Even problems are often opportunities in enemy's attire.
The year of the Tiger is certainly daunting. But as entrepreneurial people say: the higher the risk, the greater the returns. Kalau jadi ke Pulau Mutiara Timur bolehlah kenakan pakaian menari hula-hula seperti di Hawaii. Promosi be, hehehe.

rambomadonna said...

My mind is pretty set for war Norzah... sapa2 yang nak halang I tak kira lah KSU ker, KP ker ... I tetap nak ke Penang. Hati I memang kuat mengatakan I will get it and so far my KP is OK. I had a slow talk ngan dia to explain my situation.

The funny thing is my KP said "bestnya dapat post XXX kat Penang yer... u will enjoy it, banyak benda u belajar ... tapi for sure lah I takkan sign pertukaran u." But I know deep down he has my best interest at heart ... tinggal my KSU jer another hurdle skg nie. Dia taknak officer JPN bertukar tanpa melalui dia skg. Huhuhu

Next time you see me in Penang I pakai baju rambu ramba nyanyi lagu boria hehehe

norzah said...

J, no boss likes to loose a good officer. But the irony is the high quality and superb performance of the officer will only be recognized AFTER he or she is about to be transferred. Serupalah macam manusia atas dunia 'ni. Dah pergi baru di sanjung dan dipuji-puji. Well, kalau buat kumpulan boria I may apply untuk jawatan tukang karut lepasbersara, hohoho.

mohdsazali said...

bos.... at last you fikirkan diri you sendiri.Why Penang.... not sarawak ka(nanti nak kawin kena minta tukar pulak). just to remind you is not easy yer kena jaga tourism state ( be extra careful regarding procurement process when you there.just an advise from your ex staff since he right now is an auditor he3x)

rambomadonna said...

You got that right Norzah ... but I am immune to it already, in fact dah lama dah I am immune ... biasalah they only teringat bila kita nak bertukar. But as said, I cuma akan keluar when I know what my worth is. They can't give me better offer then too bad lah right?

Hahaha .. can't wait u jadi tukang karut Minangkabau

rambomadonna said...

Zali: Thanks for the advice. Memang seharusnya kita dengar nasihat auditor hebat masa kini.

I am not ready to return to Kuching for good. Mula2 tu pun macam taknak jer gi Penang. I kan Lone Ranger ... tapi adalah sesuatu yang berlaku that makes me want to return to Penang. Sukar nak dijelaskan dengan kata2.

mohdsazali said...

"tapi adalah sesuatu yang berlaku that makes me want to return to Penang" apakah maksudnya? hopefully jangan la dok gi buat skandal dengan dengan sugar dad i sudah le(yang sama2 keje kat kpkt dulu. he3x

apa2 pun bos fight for your right...

SeMiN said...

Rambo: i'm waiting for u in Penang... hehehe... eh bila nie? lagi cepat lagi baguih! hahahaha

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