Monday, February 14, 2011

The Princess and The Froggie

Just my luck ... of all the days, Froggie chosed this day to "manja-manja" with me. And of all places, he chosed Shell station Datuk Keramat Road for our "romantic" rendezvous. Well to be honest, the guy who was pumping gas next door was kinda cute, but when I couldn't start my car ... dia buat tak tahu jer ... sialan! Menonong jer dia tinggalkan the damsel in distress.

Luckily abang Bangla was thoughtful enough asking Esso station owner next door if she sell any car batteries. The auntie even help to call Mr Ee, the 24 hours mechanic to the rescue (though I had to wait nearly an hour due to heavy rain).

Soon enough, Daddy also came to the petrol station just to see if everything was OK. Thank God he came.... else I terpaksa cari jalan yang "halal" untuk bayar service Mr Ee (tak dapek den nak bayangkan). I was short of RM 50.00 ... terpaksa borrow duit His Royal Highness The Emperor.

See, my Valentine's gift to Froggie. So romantic! With the date inscribed!

Mr Ee even paste his namecard on my windscreen in case of emergency. Here I share his contact information in case anyone got car problem in Penang. Sharing is caring! True Valentine spirit ...


norzah said...

Many things can happen on a Valentine's Day and your froggy's call for love and attention seems to be as compulsive as a human's need. I think Froggie has caught the love bug syndrome. While Mr Ee showed a true Valentine's Day spirit of love and sacrifice, His Excellecy, I think outshone him my braving the rain and coughing out a fifty buck contribution to froggie's need. Kalau tidak u might have to pay in kind, hehehe.
By the way were you dressed in Pink when the incidence happened? If so it would have been a case of Pink Pantheress in Distress. And who came to the rescue? The Old Knight in shining armor , proof of the fact that love grows stronger with age n that the heart is stronger than the body, J. Happy Valentine's Day.

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: Well, I have neglected Froggie for about a week (balik kampung maa) so perhaps the "distance" makes the heart grew fonder hahahaah

Yes, I was surprised to see His Excellency showed up at the petrol station as I told him everything was under control ... Hehe .. so much about being independent!

Unfortunately I was not dressed up in pink! Too bad. Yes u are right, "love grows stronger with age n that the heart is stronger than the body". That young guy ... so disappointing!

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day to you too Norzah.

Ramli Nordin said...

J...hahahahahahahaha...kelakar sgt biler ko ckp pasai mamat yg menonong tu...hehehehehehehe...

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