Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spread My Wings And Fly?

Doubt it!!!! First and foremost I am still afraid of flying. Luckily most flights that I've taken are short hauls so halfway through the in-flight magazine or newspaper it is already time for landing...

I have been neglecting my blog these last few weeks but honestly ... I am truly busy. Launching this launching that ... meeting here meeting there .... course there course here ... event here event there, settling and facing one issue after another. Guess those who have been following the news would understand what I meant. Penang is "sooooo the juicy story now".

After Bangkok, Chiengmai and Solo trips ... I truly want to prove myself worthy of the post. Despite hot issues facing my the Pearl of the Orient office ... I take it to my advantage. Which mean many trips to KL and long working hours that sometime took up my nights and weekends. For that I salute my Mem Besar ... one time she didn't sleep and I was accompanying her. Next morning she still had to leave for J.B to chair a meeting. As for me ... I had hard time standing hehehe!

Anyway, back to these flights thing ... I truly had no choice as my driver had burnt out after frequent trips to KL-Penang which mean we had to depart early in the morning (4 a.m) and return to Penang in the evening (usually between 4-5 pm). Then next day he had to sent me or sometimes other officers for meetings or enforcement. This week alone, 4 different divisions in the Ministry organised programs in Penang back to back. Pheww....

Every time I took a flight to KL or Penang I had to make sure I was given the window seat. It reduced my fear if the flight was bumpy as I could see the plane was hitting a cloud, or the weather was bad. I don't like to be taken off-guard. However, there were times when I saw the weather was clear but the plane was shaking so bad. So must be air pockets or strong wind.

There was a funny moment when the plane was shaking and coincidentally I was reading the news of 30 United Airlines passengers were hurt after the plane was hit by severe turbulence in The Star. Gulp!!!

Now that I fly too often, I could identify a good or bad landing by the sound of the plane engine ... hahaha

Then there is this problem getting a seat especially if last minute meeting notification from HQ. Like today, I couldn't get any afternoon flight back to Penang ... evening flight is BIG NO NO as that was when the plane face lots of turbulence. Anyway, had no choice but to get the last seat on 6.05 pm flight! Thank God.

However deep down I am smiling as I know Penang routes on both our local airlines are selling well. Provided that not all tourists have flight phobia like me! Imagine how I dreaded to fly back to Kuching. Even most of my trips had to be scheduled between January-June ... during the dry season! Christmas ... I rather stay in KL or Penang. Last year if not because of Niejah's wedding ... I will not fly to KK.

As I was stranded for 6 hours in KLIA today, taking my chances to catch the 1.55 pm flight on Standby ... I had the chance to tour the World Best Airport, checking out the facilities, shops and eateries. Even testing some of ground staff and operators knowledge on the airport. I was looking for a suitable place to wait and with power point for my laptop so that I can do my work. One person to another refer me to one fast food restaurant to another just because they usually see people of their lappie there. Gosh! I couldn't find any power points. My laptop battery can't last for 6 hours!

Then I saw a lounge, just like in Starbucks or Coffee Beans Cafe on a mezzanine floor between departure and arrival floor. Curiously I took the escalators and voila ... there is a restaurant with comfortable table and chairs plus power points for guests to sit, dine, do their work while waiting for the flight. How come not many airport staff know of this place!

Next time I should try the all-ladies train coach to KL. Who knows ... the ride may have something worth blogging hehehe


Ramli said...

Babe...seriously this is new...U takut "fly"...hehehehehe...then u shld come here....13hrs uolsssssss...

norzah said...

How nice to see u back on the blog which has been given a new, fresh look, J. As usual you give a new insight into what is otherwise humdrum like a short flight between KL and Penang, and a rather humorous account of a State Tourism Director who fears flying.
The search for a convenient place to plug in your Notebook and work on Internet at the KLIA seems ludicrous since the airport is supposed to be ultramodern. There's always a case of something being overlooked intricate mega-projects and it requires a pair of sharp eyes like yours ( even when peeping behind thick glasses) to note the flaw.
Yes, Penang has become the focus of national and international attention, whatever be the cause.
Maybe because Jaime is there to stir up things to attract the attention of Ma;aysian and oversea tourists, hehehe.
Congratulations anyway for overcoming your fear, tackling the bull by the horns and yet finding time to blog away. Attagirl. Or is it Avatargirl now?

rambomadonna said...

Meli: Terpaksalah mengaku secara terbuka sekarang sebab selalu sangat fly. I thought I dah get over the fright tapi slight shaking pun i dah kecut.

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: You like the new look? That's the least I can do to divert people's attention from my long absence hehehe...

I need something to do to occupy my 6 hours wait at the KLIA. So had to put on my tourism cap and did my own star rating of the airport. Well, the facilities are there, cuma the staff not aware or ignorance about it.

Hahaha ... hope my presence sizzle things up in Penang. Who knows ... I pulak the next person in the paper jadi the little Josephine (Napoleon's wife) hehe

norzah said...

Looks like you're neglecting your your alter-ego, the personal blog, again, J. Maybe the hectic new phase of life you're going through is making it less significant in terms of satisfying your need for self-expression. but it certainly does not reduce the necessity to update your chronicle on life. Especially with all its new facets of challenge and tribulations.
But more importantly we're missing your sizzling presence since you've now given that to Penang.I plead that that sizzling presence with its mix of humor and wit, insights and candor, etc, etc be regularly shared with us. Of course. take your time and do not exhaust yourself silly. hehehe.

Management Team said...

Waaa. so interesting post ... me want more :)

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