Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life's Like That - The Tai Chi Master

"Wah panjang maklumbalas Cik Jaime hari ini, meluahkan perasaan ker," Zila my boss PA said when I asked her to attach our department's feedback on an URGENT memo.

I do not know whether she was teasing or menyindir but my automatic response was, " Hehehe, kalau meluahkan perasaan pun apa salahnya, luka di hati ini tiada siapa yang tahu", chewaaaaaaahhh ...

Honestly I did not notice that my feedback to memos, letters or emails became lengthier and lengthier coz in the back of my mind I just feel like educating the sender of all the memos, letters or emails requesting the feedbacks. At the same I feel like telling people who will receive the CC copies of my feedback to understand the subject matter before start penning "Sila uruskan." or "Tindakan".

It all started when one senior officer openly mentioned in a very BIG meeting that a very "gray area" issue will be tackled by my department. Well of course, on that day not only my boss was under a hot seat but another director got a shock of his life too.

Months before, prior to that meeting, that senior officer did indicated to me that he contemplating to forward the issue to my department but I told him, there is no specific provision under the law for the Ministry to do as what he thought my department can do unless via the power of the Minister to give orders. Else, he has to use his "budi bicara" to settle the problem as we all exercise our duties using the same Act. I did not pursue the matter further as he wanted to get our legal advisor's opinion.

Knowing him, I knew that by making that statement (which will definitely go unopposed ... not in front of officers from other Ministries, NGOs and professional bodies) in the meeting, it will be captured as TINDAKAN by my department in the minutes of the meeting. So after the meeting, I had a discussion with my boss on that matter.

As the issue is a "grey area", both of us felt that the officer should at least hold a discussion with other relevant departments as well, rather than using the meeting as an avenue to Tai Chi the job to my department.

Before sempat "my blood go downstairs", we received another memo from another Tai Chi master that said "kes adalah di luar bidang kuasa Bahagian ini" and after reading through the letter forwarded by FT Minister I was like, what will happen lah if this man became a KSU or at least KP one day. Dia lama lagi in service tu.

So I decided to hand the memo over to one very junior officer and asked his opinion about the case.

"Miss J, why did this officer said that ini di luar bidang kuasa dia when FT Minister letter highlighted 2 issues - one is failure to form JMB within 12 months after vacant possession by developer which is under COB and failure to apply for full CFO which is under us".

Impressed with his answer I said, "A, lain kali ko jadi bos jangan main minit-minit saja, baca dulu kandungan surat dan fahami kehendak pelanggan, lagilah if its from a VIP. Make a habit of understanding relevant regulations and Act before you formulate an action plan "

.... lupa pulak aku nie boss dia hahaha.

I sent a lengthy email to my boss cc to the officer and my tkp on Saturday stating my opinion on the matter with facts and supporting provisions of the Act. My boss was summoned by my TKP on Monday over the issue and he defended my opinions. My boss said in the end TKP ruled to our favour :)


Abet said...

Am not surprise... mcm bola, kena tendang sana sini.. NOthing new :)

rambomadonna said...

You know Kazen, sepanjang I kerja dengan government, I really want to change public perception on Government delivery system.

We must be transparent, we must be honest and kalau ada halangan fix it.

That's why when he told me of his intention to Tai Chi the job, I explained to him to consider and why it could not be done. Hoping that with seniority and power he will make a change and pave ways for the solution to the problem.

Even when I sent that email, the language was not demeaning. It was more explanatory so that it will not hurt his ego as a senior officer. I know my position as a junior.

I said it openly, bukan nya pointing fingers or kirim surat layang. But it did affect my working mood lah. To a point that I felt unfair that I have to get lesser pay but have to do not only my works, clear old trash and some unwanted junks by other department.

Abet said...

I know how you feel, been there, done that...
You did great, believe in yourself. If anything happen, there are other people above him with a greater power...

rambomadonna said...

Kazen: Thank you so much. Crita lain lah. Malas mauk ingat kes tok, yesterday dapat sms email madah blood pressure nya nait. Nampak gaya semua masalah kerja nek tok. HUHUHU

Abet said...

blood pressure emel nait? Hmm nait pun sik lah tinggi gilak, hehehe. i tot she scuba diving most of the time....good excersize u know, specially for her lung, muscle and body.. me scuba diving dlm beldi jak...

rambomadonna said...

at least you "scuba dive". I ada swimming pool di rumah pun sik dive2. Hehehe ... malar jak kuak lentang atas katil balit kerja. Gud exercise for the brain yang letih.

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