Saturday, August 9, 2008

Where Will You Be At 8th August 2008 From 8.00 am to 8.00 pm

Aarrrrghhhh............... I already knew that 8 August 2008 would not be a memorable nor auspicious day for me. The moment I entered my office this morning, piles of investigation papers waiting to be signed, a big handwritten note slipped under door informing a 2.30 pm meeting was cancelled, and few minutes later Mr.C came trotting into my office asking me to help him to rewrite our Secretary-General ‘s talking point for a Channel 9 talk show- Nasi Lemak Kopi ‘O’, minutes later followed Mr M asking me to make sure that all Parliment questions are answered by the respective officers (err..the truth is I am always the one ended up answering the questions.. Bakal YB) ....

Just when I was about to put on my thinking cap, Mr M reminded me of our 9.00 am meeting on blacklisting developers. Nevermind, let me at least read Mr. C’s draft first and type few opening sentences into my PC since I can type very fast. As usual, Mr. C’s choice of words can be deemed as “suicidal” considering our beloved Sec-Gen is making public statements on rehabilition of abandoned housing projects... Anyway, it is still far better compared to a junior officer, Mr. K’s drafted answers to Parlimentary questions – it could end any ministers political career.

Once I walked into the meeting room, Dr. P started to bombard me with questions... so i nicely told him, “Boss, let me at least have a sip first?” and I took a big gulp of my coffee. I have been working under Dr.P since 2004 and so far I only knew a few officers who can stand him (and his body odour).Though my Sec-Gen once asked, “How come you still work under Dr.P****?” I told him, “Dato’, you spoil my only chance to get away from him”.... Yes, it’s true... he stopped my transfer to another department. Anyway, our working relationship has gone through test and time... he used to issue me show-cause letter for defying his orders, I fought back by giving a lengthy reply plus refused to do any of his works for 3 months...It was a bitter sweet revenge... on one sweet day he was sent out of a Morning Prayer by the former Sec-Gen for failure to provide one report on time hahahaha.... the aftermath of it.... he asked my former boss, Mr. W.H to sweet talking me to complete one report...

OK... meeting was short and sweet so I quickly went back to my office so that I could quickly complete all the backlogs. Again as I was about to put on my thinking cap, my phone start ringing. Ignoring it is unprofessional, answering it means work not done. So OK I answered, who knows it might be Tan Sri KSN checking on departments or officers who are not answering phone calls. It was a purchaser from Johore telling me how his letter of complaint has offended one of the officers and wanted to know if it has any repurcussion on his case.

“Mr. *****, you should think before you take a leap. In this Ministry we do not take matters at face value but we would appreciate if for a day, a purchaser would say something to brighten our day instead of hauling accusation. As a working person you should know how hurt it feels if a client throw hurtful remarks to your company when you know its not entirely your fault. It is frustating, you want our help but you start accusing him of corruption just because he hasn’t answered your letter formally. At least he has explained your case over the phone.” ... and there goes 15 minutes.

On my next attempt to complete my Sec-Gen talking points, S called me to remind me of our movie date. My God! But today is the opening of Beijing Olympics ... we chatted for a few minutes as we had yet to see each other after he came back from Brisbane. I ended up using my lunch time to complete the talking point and signed all the investigation papers. So sad, so sad... boss shouldn’t be doing works during lunch time.

As I was about to grab myself something to eat at the nearest cafe, Mr.T walked into my room with a friend asking me to give him 15 minutes. Later, I found out that his friend is working for one developer company, which was compounded by my Unit for non-submission of project progress report and asked whether the company be allowed a waiver. Maybe because I was hungry or maybe I was mentally exhausted I gave the developer 30-minute lecture. Hahaha... by the time the lecture was over, I finally got the developer to pay the RM 40K compound. Unfortunately, I had to skip lunch as my boss called me into his office to discuss on Mr.K’s answers to the Parlimentary questions.

As I was about to get back to my office, I was stopped by a purchaser asking me to give her a minute as she came all the way from Kuantan. This purchaser, Miss Y, told me that my letter to her and the Public Complaint Bureau has helped her and the residents but she asked whether I could update her on my findings on her case. I told Miss Y that actually I was a busy-body. Her letter was passed around from one department to one department within the Ministry as her case is not clear. If I don’t provide her the first feedback from the Ministry, she would surely use any political channel. She laughed and admitted that she is actively involved with one political party. Anyway, we discussed on her case for 15 minutes and I told her to give me some time as I am too busy at the moment. She told me she understand as she could see people coming in and out of my office asking some urgent matters as we were discussing, phone ringing and there is an unfinish report on my computer screen.

After we said our goodbyes, I received a call from Tuan H, asking me if I could have tea with him at Secret Recipe. I hesitated as I was supposed to meet S at 5.30 pm. Plus, I need to ammend Mr.K’s answers. I asked if we could postponed our tea appointment to Monday but Tuan H promised me it would not take so much of my time. I looked at my watch, it’s already 4.45 pm. I quickly went to Secret Recipe, and there I saw my new buddies, Mr R and Tuan I were waiting for me. I ordered Cornish Pie and Cafe Latte as I was so hungry and fed them with infos that they wanted. As I was enjoying my tea, S called. I looked at my watch...its already 5.15 pm. I had to cancel our date as I too want to watch Beijing Olympics opening tonight.

Our tea meeting finished at 6.00 pm and I quickly went back to my office to complete my work. Gosh! Ammending Mr. K’s answers really challenged my brain. At least he tried. Some officers had never even answer any Parlimentary questions. I punched out at 8.08 pm so I missed some of the Beijing Olympic opening performances.

Today was really a far-cry from my last year’s resolution to be in Beijing flirting with the hot male athletes or in Trafalgar Square drinking coffee with (actually I still don’t get why Zainal chosed this place as the place we celebrate our success) ... hahahaa... aiyoooo... I must make up for my lost... must...must ...must...

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